Air conditioning types – which is most efficient?

types of air conditioning

If you are thinking about purchasing the air conditioner, but worried about the rising levels of power bills, so it is necessary for you to look for the highly power efficient options for usage. As the selection of the wrong kind of air conditioner can lead to huge add-up to your power bills and costs of energy.

So while you are talking about the best and most efficient air conditioning system, there are various types of these machines, and it gets hard to find the best one and most efficient one. So don’t worry as here is a proper guide which will clear things for you and will help you in making t easy for you to choose the best which fulfills your requirements in the best way.

Types of air conditioners

Here are few main types of commercial air conditioning systems which you should consider before buying the one for you:

Window Air Conditioners

Few of the most common kinds of air conditioners is the Window Air Conditioner. These are usually used for cooling one room. They are easy to install, as they can be fixed in easily just like a window. Window units are considered as a good option for the renters, as they can be moved to anywhere with not much hectic.

Portable Air Conditioners

The Portable air conditioners are very less efficient and are used for small areas or where options can’t be used. They are little expensive but take less space.

Wall Hung Split Air Conditioners or Split System

This is the most common air conditioner used for cooling the homes. They are often called as the ductless air conditioners, as they utilize the hoses instead of the complicated duct system for transferring the air.

The wall hung split air conditioners are too good for cooling the entire home or just the particular large section. They include both the outdoor and indoor unit and usually have highest sale rate being the commercial air conditioning system.

Ducted Air Conditioning

The duct based air conditioning system is very efficient option which is available on the market. However, it may involve the large costs.

So which air conditioner is best for you?

If you are required to cool the large houses or sections, you can go for the duct air conditioners. If you require cooling one or two rooms or small areas, choose the wall hung split air conditioners.

The power consumption and energy efficiency are two main factors which can play an important role in selecting the best air conditioning system for you. Obviously, it involves the installation and financial complications and may be little pricey to buy, but they ensure maximum energy efficiency. Despite this, it is very important to understand the working of each type of air conditioner and its benefits separately.

In the end, whichever you choose, be sure that you pass good summer time while keeping up the efficiency of your power system and low energy costs.

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