The Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Because you will be running only one air-conditioning motor when you have central air-conditioning, you will be able to post a lot of savings from off your power bill. Central air conditioning consists of one central unit that generates the fresh air and a system of ducts that go around the house and have vents for all the rooms that you want to cool.

Although it takes more power to run a central air conditioning motor, the power consumption will be much less than if you were to install a separate air conditioning unit for each room. And when you consider the fact that a lot of power is used to start the motor of a unit, you can imagine how multiplying that initial power surge by a number equal to the number of units you have in the house can up your power bill. The more rooms there are, the more economical will it be to have central air conditioning installed.

Saving on your space and maintaining your health
Room air conditioners will always take up a lot of space. If you have standing type units, they need to positioned alongside a wall in the room. The proportions of the unit will depend on how much cooling power it is capable of. The particular brand may also influence the size of the air conditioner.

Whatever the case, a standing air conditioner not only occupies space but is also a repository for dust. Insects may also hide under the units. In addition to the external dirt, the insides of the air-conditioner are bound to become filthy and will need to be cleaned once in a while. All that activity exposes the room to the allergenic and pathogenic particles which may fly around when the unit is cleaned. In short, standing air-conditioners are a health hazard of sorts.

The same is true to a lesser extent for window-type air-conditioners. While these models do not stand on the floor of the room, a portion of the wall will need to be cut open to accommodate the window-type unit. Because there are bound to be gaps where the unit meets the edge of the wall, these models may allow dust and allergenic substances from the outside air to enter the room.
Central air conditioning units are isolated in their own room. see a page from

Central Air ConditioningYour central air conditioning unit should usually have a room of its own. All the ducts going to other areas in the house are connected to that room. Each time you have the unit cleaned, maintained or repaired, the activity, the dust and the grime will be isolated to that one area where the unit is located.

The rest of the house is safe from the pollution.

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